Emilio Adasme. Bachelor of music in composition/musicology and MA student at Universidad Católica de Chile. He is an active member of the Electroacoustic Community of Chile [CECH] and producer of the international electroacoustic music festival AI MAAKO. His works range from electroacoustic, modern classical to noise. He has worked with ApplyTriangle ensemble (US), Ensamble de Música Contemporanea UC (Chile), Crsipr Kollektiv (Germany) and Dúo Osmozze Intermezzo (Belgium). Winner of the TildeMusik Graphic Composition Competition 2020 (Germany). His music has been part of multiple festivals in Chile, Argentina, USA, Belgium, Austria, Germany, France, UK, Spain and Taiwan. He currently works for the archive of the National Chamber Orchestra of Chile. 

Cliquez Ici” is an acousmatic work that explores clicks as rich musical material. Addressed from multiple perspectives, clicks appear in digital sound context as an undesired element, but quickly reveals itself as a sound that holds the potential of broadening the understanding of digital aesthetics. Not only in the digital sound realm the click carries an interesting meaning but the whole semiotic dimension of the word in different contexts renders it a dynamic concept to theorize about. From the click of a computer mouse, to an explosion triggered by a click, the piece explores the sound phenomena around the concept.