October 21-22, 2012    Beijing / China



NEW significant decisions of General Assembly of CIME/ICEM in Beijing (October 21-22, 2012):


  1. Ukraine and Columbia – full members of CIME/ICEM.
  2. New, reduced membership fee of 150 euro without exceptions.
  3. Next General Assembly of CIME/ICEM in Krakow – October 2013.
  4. CIME Conference on Music and Technology in Krakow – October 2013.
  5. New admissions for European and International funds.



– A G E N D A –


Sunday, October 21, 2012


10.00 am am – 12.00 am Preliminary Board of Directors

  1. Welcome
  2. Validation of voting members
  3. Approval of the General Assembly’s Agenda 2012
  4. Approval of the General Assembly’s Minutes 2011 in Rethymno (Crete)
  5. Executive Committee Reports:

– moral report: situation 2012

– financial report  2012

– activities report  2012

– votes of the Board of Directors


6. Executive Committee Proposals, prospects of the ICEM :

– To discuss the activities project 2012

– Debate on the provisional budget 2012

7. Proposal of admission of news federations as members

8. Proposal of changing host institution representing national federation in case of no activitiy

9. Miscellaneous items


2.00 pm –  4.00 pm General Assembly


1) Approval of the General Assembly’s Minutes 2011 in Rethymnon


2) Examination and approval of the proposals of the Board of Directors

– Vote of the balance sheet 2012

– Vote of the activities report 2012

  1. Vote of the project of activities 2013 and provisional budget 2013

3) Board of Directors final discharge


Monday, October 22, 2012


10.00 am – 12.00 am Suite and cloture of the General Assembly


  1. Reports of National Federations
  2. Attribution of the ICEM labels
  3. Miscellaneous items



2.00 am – 4.00 am Board of directors


1) Approval of the activities project  and of provisional budgets 2012  submitted by the General Assembly

2) Decision of date and place for the General Assemblies in 2013 – Krakow, October 2013

3) Discussion about new fund rising –  European funds

4) Miscellaneous  items – 150 euro membership fee, since CIME Conference Krakow, October 2013








  Sunday21 October Monday22 October Tuesday23 October Wednesday24 October Thursday25 October Friday26 October Saturday27 October Sunday28 October



General AssemblyICEM – 2012(1) 


General AssemblyICEM – 2012(3) 



● Lecture Series(1)



● Lecture Series(2)


● Lecture Series(4) 



● Lecture Series(5)



● The 3th New MediaArts Day 2012 

● New Media Day 2012

Presentation  (1)



● Tele – Concert


● The 5th Round Table Discussion and Forum of Development on Asian Electroacoustic Music (1)9th MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING Composition Competition Group C

(Multimedia, Video)


● 2012 Exhibition of

New Techniques and

Equipment (3)

● Lecture Series(9)● Lecture Series(10)



– BEIJING Composition     Competition Group A2







9th MUSICACOUSTICA- BEIJIN CompositionCompetition Group B

(Mix. Instruments)







● Lecture Series(12) 



● Lecture Series(13)


Pm. General AssemblyICEM – 2012(2) 


General AssemblyICEM – 2012(4) 

● 2012 Exhibition of

New Techniques and

Equipment (1)


● Lecture Series(3)




● 2012 Exhibition ofNew Techniques andEquipment (2)





● Lecture Series(6)





● New Media Day 2012Presentation  (2) 

● New Media Day 2012

Presentation  (3)


●New Media Day 2012

Presentation  (4)


● New Media Day 2012

Presentation  (5)


● New Media Day 2012

Presentation  (6)


● New Media Day 2012

Presentation  (7)


● The 5th Round Table Discussion and Forum of Development on Asian Electroacoustic Music(2)● Lecture Series(7)


● Lecture Series(8)



9th MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING Composition Competition Group A1(Acousmatic)





● 2012 Exhibition ofNew Techniques andEquipment (4)


● Lecture Series(11)






9th MUSICACOUSTICA- BEIJING CompositionCompetition Group D










Ev.   ● MUSICACOUSTICA -BEIJING 2012Opening Celebration

Cocktail Party





Opening Concert

ICEM – Concerts● Spanish Federation (1)


● Mexican Federation (2)


● Swiss Federation (3)


●Portuguese Federat. (4)



● Concert – Composers 




● Concert -Curtis Roads

ICEM – Concerts● French Federation  (5)


● Cuban Federation (6)


● Hungarian Federation  (7)


● ICST-Zurich   (8)



● Concert for Award of8th MUSICACOUSTICA- BEIJING Composition

Competition 2011


ICEM – Concerts

● Greek Federation  (9)


● Belgian Federat.   (10)


● Swedish Federat.   (11)

ICEM – Concerts● Polish Federation  (12)


● Colombian Feder.(13)


● Ukrainian Federat.  (14)


● CEMI(UNT)  (15)



● Award Ceremony of9th MUSICACOUSTICA- BEIJING Composition





Closing Concert



General Assembly in Beijing

October 21-22, 2012

Dear Friends,


After a close of IMEB last year we feel to be in a new position to continue a great and

significant work of Françoise Barrière and Christian Clozier.


We have got invitation from Prof. Zhang Xiaofu, the President of Chinese federation of

electroacoustic music, for the General Assembly of CIME/ICEM in Beijing on October

21-22, 2012. Our meeting was a part of Musicacoustica festival. www.musicacoustica.cn


We were in a process of many improvements, and the new Main Board of CIME/ICEM was in

a position to make CIME program and mission as active, dynamic, vivid and promising in a

near future as possible.


We decided to confirm full membership of new federations of CIME: Ukraine and Columbia.

We decided to reduced membership fee to 150 euro to be payed in full without exceptions (75 euro for Associate Members).

We decided to arrange the next General Assembly of CIME/ICEM in Krakow in October 2013.

We decided to organize CIME Conference on Music and Technology in Krakow in October 2013 with papers and concerts.


Marek Choloniewski

President of CIME







30th General Assembly and Board of Directors of the ICEM

October 21-22, 2012 – Beijing/China


Marek Choloniewski, ICEM President, opened the meeting and thanked to the representative of the Chinese Federation, Prof. Zhang Xiaofu, for organizing the meeting, for his hospitality and high-quality hotel arranged and covered for all  ICEM members coming to Beijing.

The General Assembly in Beijing was attended by:
Lidia Zielinska and Marek Choloniewski (PSeME – Poland), Gregorio Jimenez (AMEE – Spain), Panayotis Kokoras (Helmca – Greece), Xiaofu Zhang (CEMC – China), Françoise Barrière (SAME – France), Alla Zagaykiewicz (Electroacoustic Music Section at the Ukrainian Composers Union – Ukraine), Marcelo Ohara (AMEG – Switzerland), Thomas Bjelkeborn (IDKA – Sweden), Istvan Szigeti (Hungary) and Daniel Pérez Hajdu (FeBeME – Belgium).

The Quorum was approved with the proxies, and the Board of Directors and the General Assembly was held. The agenda of the General Assembly was approved.
The report of the 2012 Board of Directors and General Assembly in Beijing was approved unanimously.

Françoise Barriere introduced the history of CIME, mentioning about 30th General Assembly with one meeting not organized. She presented also the relationship between ICEM (Bourges), IMC (International Music Council) and UNESCO. The ICEM was founded in 1981 and one year later became the IMC member. F.Barriere mentioned also about the ROSTRUM of composers of Electroacoustic Music (1984-2007). She forwarded also a special message from Christian Clozier: “long life to CIME”.

Marek Choloniewski presented a summary of the last General Assembly in Rethymno (Crete/Greece) in December, 2011.

In the moral report the President proposed revitalization of CIME by inviting other countries such as Austria, Canada, USA, Finland, UK, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Germany or even others like Turkey, Iceland, Ireland, Peru, Denmark, etc …

The Treasurer Françoise Barriere presented the financial report. The bundget of 4134 euros, after 2013 fees reached the balance of 4985 euros and with substraction of the recent expenses: travel, web and contribution to the CIME the total amount of stated 2450 euros, leaving a balance of 2535 euros in bank. CIME still expects the fees from some organizations for the year 2012. The final discussion about the membership fee some of organizations asked for the reduction of the fee.

President of the ICEM mentioned about the update of the web site. Quite important reminder for several federations was to arrange lacking articles of the Electroacoustic Music History of their country, ready for the publication of a book offered by Zang Xiaofu.

Moral, financial and activity report were voted and approved unanimously.

President proposed different activities for the year 2013 and the membership fee reduction to 150 euros without exception, these were voted by 10 members with one abstention (Hungary).

Some members proposed to get funds for other places, Thomas Bjelkeborn from Sweden spoke about “Nordic funds”, Panayotis Kokoras from Greece spoked about “Siemens Foundation”, Gregorio Jiménez from Spain mentioned about “South America cultural cooperation founds”

The President proposed other ideas like a “Festival Network”, monographic concerts through the federations, archives and documentation to be arranged.

The provisional budget for new initiatives would be around 4500 euros, if all the organizations pay the membership fees.

Ukraine and Columbia became new full members of CIME/ICEM.

The new proposal of replacing host institutions representing national federation in  case of no activity were approved by all voting members.

Panayotis Kokoras proposed to arrange an scientific conference during the next General Assembly of CIME in Krakow in October, with papers by  musicologists and works by composers.

Marek Choloniewski presented the power of a net art, based on projects between federations joining the network.

The new proposal for more CDs for the CIME collection.

After discussion with different options General Assembly approved next General Assembly of CIME in 2013 in Kraków together with the conference on Music and Technology.

Zang Xiaofu proposed three diferents committees, one for the concerts management, and others for the General Assembly and for the conference.

The  conference committee was established by: Marek Choloniewski, Lidia Zielinska, Zhang Xiaofu and Panayiotis Kokoras.

Proposal to organize the 2014 GA  in Texas (USA) was approved.

The General Assembly delegated Lidia Zielinska and Marek Choloniewski for the contacts with Japan, Françoise Barriere with Korea, Norway (Bergen) and Belarus to Marek Choloniewski, Thomas Bjelkeborn with Baltic countries and Denmark plus Slovenia.

Election of New Honorary members:

Françoise Barriere was voted by unanimity to be a new President of Honor.

UNESCO labels: Spain two concerts in Canary Island, Greece one concert in Kefalonia. Poland for Poznan concert series and concerts of the Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music.

The President thanked to the Chinese Federation and Zang Xiaofu for the great hospitality and closed the meeting.