Marcelo Espindola. Percussionist graduated from the Institute of Music of the Catholic University of Chile and in 2015 he obtained his Master of Arts degree. As a percussionist he has participated in various musical groups, ranging from the classical orchestra, contemporary music and popular music. He was a member of the Percussion Group of the Catholic University between 1991-2006. He where he participated in the edition of the album “Chilean Music for Percussion” volume I and II, as a performer, composer and producer. Since 2004, he has participated in the Chilean Electroacoustic Community, CECH, with whom he organizes the Ai-maako International Electroacoustic Music Festival. He has composed the music for various groups of popular or learned music, plays and films. His music is performed both in Chile and abroad. In 2001 and 2003 he was awarded in the contest “Music from this southern side”, organized by the SCD, with the songs “Despierto en un silencio” and “Volando el cielo” published by the blue label. He currently works as a professor at the Music Institute of the Catholic University of Chile and at the Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences, UMCE.

2020 in pandemic: It is a work made during the quarantine in Chile, where uncertainty ruled the moment.  It is based on a series of clusters of synthesizers where a very dense sound material is created, where the musical discourse travels through the entire spectrum of sound, giving way to clusters that modify their density between one and another, the various elements of the work. It has a leading role that alternates step by step, creating dense atmospheres each time, little melodic gestures appear, with no connection between them, giving way to the central section of the work where the sound processes emerge more than the evolution of the cluster. they recognize delay modulations and many filters that modify the material. The work does not pretend to be a speech but rather to reflect the moment, the video produced by Jorge Forero, gives way to a concrete visualization of the music and the development of the work.