Vincenzo Scorza (1977) sound sculptor. He works on the path between music and technology. He try to pushes the limits of sonic materials and musical forms, between improvisation and structuring. Attracted by glitch, ambient, drone sounds, he places every creative manifestation in the changing flux of the “live” dimension. Graduated in Electronic Music at the “G.B. Martini” Conservatory in Bologna and graduated in Performing Arts at the University of Bologna, he works with several artists, musicians, and theatre companies of the italian contemporary and experimental scene.

A noise-core version of the calabrese traditional song A farsa. A reinterpretation of a performance of the Nigro cousins, which overlaps the memory of a slipping past, often idealized, with the violence of the present time, material, ineluctable. An impossible encounter, as in a sort of sonic cadavre exquis, in which all the regret and the rancor for a beloved land – a bitter and disgraced land – are expressed, through the distortion of the typical satirical mood of this musical form for voice and battente guitar. A tribute to a popular cultural tradition in which an irresistible archaic charm overlaps with an auditory space that sounds like a violent and disturbed invective to my native land. Also, this noise-electronics version sinks once again in the reflection on loneliness in a world that want us perpetually interconnected, hyperconnected, but actually makes us overwhelmed, annihilated and isolated, like a lone voice on a musical accompaniment in minor mode.