LAMPI | Series of audiovisions, 1st part

10 March Online

Poland – PSeME
do you need any experimental music (2021)
Oktawia Pączkowska
Switzerland – ICST
_ImEdge (2018)
José Pino (music), Xiaowen Huang (animation)
Italy – Tempo Reale /
Landing (2019)
Dario Felli
CIME Member of Honour
Francis Dhomont (music), Inés Wickmann (video)
Italy – Tempo Reale /
WrapMyHeadAround (2020)
Lorenza Ceregini (audio), Elizabeth Bloom (video) 
Mexico – CMMAS
Vida Lunar (2006)
Rodrigo Sigal Sefchovich
Great Britain – BEAN
Factitia (2021)
Mateo Monje Shefford
Italy – Tempo Reale /
Rather than fall (2021)
Riccardo Tesorini (audio), Edoardo Genzolini (video) 
Mexico – AARSOM
Escucha Subversiva (2021)
Antonio Russek
Switzerland – ICST
Bosque Marino (2021)
Valentina Pini (visual artist), Micha Seidenberg (composer),
Loris Ciresa (cut), Nicolas Perret (color grading)
Italy – Tempo Reale /
TXTUR (2021)
Tristan Alantar
Portugal – DME
Frame (2021)
Mariana Vieira (audio), Daniel Rondulha (video)
Poland – PSeME
I’m trying to be happy DJ cancelled (2020)
Artur Lis
Texas, US – CEMI/UNT
Chain of Circumstances (2020)
Joseph Klein
Italy – Tempo Reale /
Immagine (2020)
Simone Sims Longo
CIME Member of Honour
Francis Dhomont (music), Inés Wickmann (video)
Italy – Tempo Reale /
Hanafubuki (2021)
Rossella Calella
Coalescence (2021)
João Pedro Oliveira
Italy – Tempo Reale /
Apostrophe (2021)
Demetrio Cecchitelli (audio), Anna-Valeria Mykhailova (video)
Mexico – AARSOM
Graciela Iturbide (2008)
Manuel Rocha Iturbide
Mexico – CMMAS
Catalyst (2019)
Tonalli R. Nakamura (audio), Emilio H. Cortés (video)
Italy – Tempo Reale /
Bardo (2021)
Alessandro Di Maio
Great Britain – BEAN
Estuaries 4 (2021)
Bret Battey
Italy – Tempo Reale /
Apparatus [songmachine] (2021)
Simone Faraci (audio), Cecilia Valagussa (video)

11-12 March PARC / Piazzale delle Cascine 7, Florence

Audiovision is the quintessential relationship between sound and image, the inseparable artistic dimension between the visual and acoustic planes. Lampi is the beginning of Tempo Reale’s all-out investigation into the many different expressive forms of audiovision, with a regular alternation between fixed art and live performance. With no limits of language or genres, but with a constant tension towards research.


Thursday 10 March 2022, starting at 19.00hrs, on Tempo Reale’s social media channels

LAMPI DI RETE | Online audiovisual marathon

Lampi opens online with a flux of international audiovisual works, coming from members of the CIME/ICEM – International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music and from the portal. These works will be broadcast on Tempo Reale’s social media channels (@temporealefirenze).

live stream