ICEM Board of Directors and General Assembly

Lisbon/ Portugal, 3 and 4 October 2015



On 3rd of October, the General Assembly


Marek Choloniewski, ICEM President and President of the Polish Federation opened the meeting of the Board of Directors and welcomed the representatives for their attendance. He also thanked Paula and Miguel Azguime for hosting the APEM CIME/ICEM Festival and Conference 2015 in Lisbon.

The following members of CIME met at O’culto da Ajuda in Lisbon, Portugal:

Miguel Azguime (Miso Music, Portugal)

Françoise Barrière (France and Founder Member)

Marek Choloniewski (PSeME, Poland)

Stephan Dunkelman (FeBeME, Belgium)

Grigoris Grigoropoulos (HELMCA, Greece)

Panayiotis Kokoras (CEMI/HELMCA, USA)

Alexey Nadzharov (on behalf of Igor Kefalidis Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Russia)

Germán Toro Pérez (ICST, Switzerland)

Edward Sielicki (PSeME, Poland)

Andrea Szigetvári (HCMF, Hungary)

Todor Todoroff (FeBeMe, Belgium)

Julio Sanz Vázquez (AMEE/AVADI, Spain)

Zhang Xiaofu (EMAC/CEMC, China)


The quorum was completed with the proxy sent by:

Christian Clozier (MISAME, France)

Alla Zagaykevytch (UAEM, Ukraine)


The agenda of the General Assembly 2015 was approved and a printed version of the 2014 minutes from the Board of Directors and General Assembly in Denton/ USA was distributed to all members. The Board of Directors approved it unanimously.

In his moral report, 2015 President Marek Choloniewski reminded that ICEM is working towards the expansion of its members with new Organizations International Members especially in countries where the National Federations are inactive or not present. All the assembly agreed to waive Ukraine from membership fee given the situation in the country at this point. Also, we all agreed the contribution of Chile Federation will be postponed for next year. Françoise Barrière informed the board of directors regarding the situation of other federations and IOM members like LNME Cuba, Orchestra Del Caos, CEMAT Italy, MISAME. Françoise Barriere also reminded that based on the statute the board of directors should first sent a registered letter to the non-active members with a specific deadline for an answer before any further action is taken.

The treasurer Françoise Barriere presented the financial report for the year 2015. As of September 2015 the total budget was 6.870 euros. The expenses were 1.973 euros with contributions towards the IMC – International Music Council Fee 300 euros, partial reimbursement of the board of directors travel cost, domain name and postal expenses. The balance until the General Assembly was 4.898 euros. The treasurer reported that the financial situation is healthy. More membership fees are expected to be paid soon after the General Assembly. Consequently, the final balance will be determined by the end of 2015.

In the activities’ report, the board noted the release of the APEM-CIME CD by Audiomat, the implementation of ICEM email-list, Facebook page and the updated official website of ICEM. The president encouraged the development of projects among Confederations.

The Board of Directors unanimously approved the moral report, the activities and financial reports.

Then the Board of Directors discussed the project activities for 2016.

Marek Choloniewski proposed the creation of an ICEM internet radio in which PSeME will be able to administer its function and program. The ICEM radio will loop lists of works of the members. Paula Azguime proposed to offer one radio broadcast per month at the RTP National Radio. Todor Todoroff asked about the language of the content and what type of information will be included – text, webcast, current activities, repertoire. The implementation of the ICEM internet radio was approved unanimously.

On the agenda, the following point was the approval of new members. The Äänen Lumo / Charm of Sound based in Helsinki/ Finland with President James Andean was unanimously accepted as a National Federation member




Then the General Assembly met and approved the Minutes 2014 in Denton/ USA.

The GA discussed the proposals of the Board of Directors with main points the balance sheet 2015, activities report 2015, activities project 2016 and provisional budget 2016.

The items on the agenda of the Board of Directors were all considered. All the proposals were approved. The GA vote unanimously on the reports and activities 2015 and 2016.

The first day of General Assembly concluded with the final discharge of the board of directors.



On 5th of October, the General Assembly met for the second day.


The first item on the second GA meeting was the reports from the National Federations and International Organization Members. In turn, each Federation or IOM made a report on their activities and the situation of electroacoustic music in their country. The reports were presented with the following order: China, MTC/Russia, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, ICST/Switzerland, Poland, Greece, CEMI/USA, and HCMF/Hungary.

The General Assembly approved the GrupLac Investigación y Creación (Colombia) with coordinator Catalina Leonor Peralta Caceres as a International Organization Member.

After discussing the nominations and the current structure for honorary members we all agreed to postpone the election of Honorary members, for the GA 2016.

The General Assembly was closed, and the final Board of Directors was opened.




Then the Board of Director examined the proposed places for the General Assembly of 2016 and 2017. Based on the offer from CMMAS Morelia (Mexico) to consider CMMAS as a place for the General Assembly we all agreed to touch base with CMMAS director Rodrigo Sigal and finalize their proposal for the end of September beginning of October 2016. Regarding the GA 2017, Russia, Chile and Cracow expressed their interest, and the final decision will be taken during the next GA 2016.

The last item of the Board of Directors was the proposal of ICEM international electroacoustic music composition competition. The Board of Directors discussed some of the aspects of the competition. ICST Director Gérman Toro Pérez confirmed his supports with a residency at ICST for the winning composer. The Board of Directors decided to prepare a final draft and circulate it to the members prior to the GA and finally present it during the next GA 2016.

Last, the President thanked the host of CIME GA 2015, the Board of Directors and closed the meeting.