Call for Works


The International electroacoustic and experimental music festival “AI-MAAKO” extends a call for works to be programmed in its new 2021 edition.
In this opportunity, the theme of the festival will be centered around the 20th anniversary of the first electroacoustic music concert by the Centro de Música y Tecnología, which will lead to the creation of CECH (Comunidad Electroacústica de Chile) and this very same festival.

Works are encouraged to reflect on this anniversary and include it in their artistic approach and/or narrative.
Like the previous 2020 edition, the festival format will mostly consist of online concerts. For this reason, works in the category of acousmatic, mixed, soundscape and live electronics are strongly encouraged to implement a visual component to be presented (a live performance video, field video recording, supplementary visual material to the track, etc.). If the work doesn’t implement a visual component, it must be informed in the submission. If the work is selected, a generic Ai Maako festival image will be added to display the work.

Available categories:
1. Fixed Media / Acousmatic
2. Mixed:
a. Real Time Electronics
b. Fixed Electronics
3. Field Recording
4. Live Electronics
a. Live set
b. Live Coding
c. DIY Kits
5. Video
a. Solo video
b. Video and Electronics
c. Video and Instrumental parts
d. Video and Mixed electronics

● A maximum of three submitted works per composer will be allowed. A maximum of only one per composer might be selected
● Works must need exceed a duration of 10 minutes
● Works that fit the theme will be given priority
● Formats:
o Audio: wav or aiff, 44.100 hz, 16 bit
o Video: Full HD (1920×1080), H.264, 9Mbps
● Works can only be submitted through the available Google Form. Links to the work materials must be provided using a permanent storage platform (Dropbox, Google Drive) with no passwords or long-in required. Temporal storage platforms are not allowed.
● Links must be provided in the form. Do not send links or material directly to the festival’s email.
Deadline: June 30, 2021, 23:59 h (Santiago de Chile)
Google form:
Everyone submitting works will be notified about the selection on the first week of August, 2021.
The participation on this call implies the acceptance of the call terms.
For any further inquiry, reach us out at: