34th ICEM Board of Directors and General Assembly

Morelia/ Mexico, 7 and 8 October 2016

On 7th of October, the General Assembly

Marek Choloniewski, ICEM President and President of the Polish Federation opened the meeting of the Board of Directors and welcomed the representatives for their attendance. He also thanked Rodrigo Sigal, director of CMMAS and Francisco Colasanto for hosting the CIME/ICEM event during the 12th Visiones Sonoras Festival in Morelia.

The following members of CIME met in Morelia, Mexico:

Todor Todoroff (FeBeMe, Belgium)

Zhang Xiaofu (EMAC/CEMC, China)

Catalina Peralta (GrupLac Investigación y Creación, Bogotá/ Colombia)

Panayiotis Kokoras (HELMCA, Greece)

Manuel Rocha Iturbide (AARSOM, Mexico)

Rodrigo Sigal (CMMAS, Morelia/Mexico)

Marek Choloniewski (PSeME, Poland)

Edward Sielicki (PSeME, Poland)

Alexander Pettai (Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Russia)

Konstantin Zenkin (Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Russia)

The quorum was completed with the proxy sent by:

Gonzalo Biffarella (FARME, Argentina)

Renzo Filinich (CECh, Chile)

Françoise Barrière (ICEM Treasurer/ Founding Member, France)

Andrea Szigetvári  (HCMF, Budapest/ Hungary)

Miguel Azguime (Miso Music, Portugal)

José Manuel Berenguer (Orchestra Del Caos, Barcelona/ Spain)

Gérman Toro Pérez (ICST, Zürich/ Switzerland)

Alla Zagaykevych (UAEM, Ukraine)

Jon Christopher Nelson (CEMI/UNT, Denton/ USA)

The agenda of the General Assembly 2016 was approved and a version of the 2015 minutes from the Board of Directors and General Assembly in Lisbon/ Portugal made available to all members. The Board of Directors approved it unanimously with minor changes.

In his moral report 2016, President Marek Choloniewski reminded that ICEM is working towards the expansion of its members with new Organization International Members especially in countries where the National Federations are inactive or not present. As a result of this initiative, he presented two new proposed ICEM members the British ElectroAcoustic Network in the UK and the Spectro Center for New Music in Tehran/ Iran while explained his correspondences with the Institute of Sonology in Hague to be considered for next year.

In the absence of ICEM treasurer Françoise Barriere, ICEM president Marek Choloniewski presented the financial report for the year 2016. As of October 2016, the total budget was 6.870 euros. The expenses were 1.973 euros with contributions towards the IMC – International Music Council Fee 300 euros, partial reimbursement of the board of directors travel cost, domain name, and postal expenses. The balance until the General Assembly was 6,454.40 euros. More membership fees are expected to be paid soon after the General Assembly. Consequently, the final balance will be determined by the end of 2016.

In the activities’ report, the board noted the release of the CIME CD 2016 by Audiomat, the ongoing work on the history of electroacoustic music of ICEM members, the preparation of Prix CIME Competition and the updated official website of ICEM. The president encouraged the development of projects among federations.

The Board of Directors unanimously approved the moral report, the activities, and financial reports.

Then, the Board of Directors discussed the project activities for 2017 and especially the protocol for the PRIX CIME Composition Competition. After a lengthy discussion on various items of the competition’s protocol we all agreed and voted the competition protocol, attached at the end of the minutes.

Next, the General Assembly approved the Minutes 2015 in Lisbon/ Portugal. The GA discussed the proposals of the Board of Directors with main points the balance sheet 2016; the activities report 2016, the activities project 2017, and provisional budget 2017. All the proposals were approved. The GA vote unanimously on the reports and activities 2016 and 2017.

The items on the agenda of the Board of Directors were all considered. The first day of General Assembly concluded with the final discharge of the board of directors.

On 8th of October, the General Assembly met for the second day.

The first item on the second day of the General Assembly was the reports from the National Federations and International Organization Members. In turn, each Federation or OIM made a report on the activities and the situation of electroacoustic music in their country. The reports were presented with the following order: GrupLac/ Colombia, MTC/ Russia, FeBeMe/ Belgium, EMAC/ China, PSeME/ Poland, HELMCA/ Greece, CEMI/ USA.

Next, the General Assembly approved the provisional admission of two new members. The newly formed British ElectroAcoustic Network (UK) was provisionally admitted as a National Federation with coordinators: Adam Stanović and James Andean. The second provisional admission as International Organization Member was the Spectro Center for New Music, an Organization for Promotion of New Music in Tehran/ Iran with directors: Martyna Kosecka & Idin Samimi Mofakham.

Next item on the agenda was the discussion regarding ICEM Honorary Members. After discussing the nominations and the current structure for honorary members we unanimously voted Jean-Claude Risset as the CIME/ICEM Honorary member for 2016.

Next, the General Assembly unanimously voted for the cancelation of five ICEM members. It was reminded that the 2015 General Assembly in Lisbon approved to officially inform the inactive/unresponsive ICEM members about our decision to cancel their membership in the 2016 GA if they are not interested in maintaining their membership status. The following ICEM members were canceled:

  1. Spolecnost pro elektroakustickou hudbu, CZECH REPUBLIC
  2. Hungarian Federation, HUNGARY
  3. Federazione CEMAT, ITALY
  4. Norwegian Section of the International Confederation for Electroacoustic Music / NICEM, NORWAY
  5. Communauté Roumaine Electroacoustique et de Musique Assistée par Ordinateur / CREMAC, ROMANIA
  6. Russian Section Nationale de la CIME, RUSSIA

Then, the Board of Director examined the proposed places for the General Assembly of 2017 and 2018. Konstantin Zenkin and Alexander Pettai from Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Russia gave a presentation proposing CEAMMC – Centre for electroacoustic music in Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory to host the 35th ICEM General Assembly Festival and Conference in 2017.  A tentative date from September 25 to 28 2017 has been set, and all members will be informed about the final dates in due time.

ICEM GA events. Finally, for the GA 2018, Zhang Xiaofu president of Chinese Federation, the Chilean, and the Polish federations expressed their interest in organizing ICEM conference and festival for 2018. The final decision will be taken during the next GA in 2017.

Last, the President thanked the host of CIME GA 2016, the Board of Directors and closed the meeting.