The International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music is pleased to announce the biennial PRIX CIME 2023 International Electroacoustic Music Competition.

The International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music (ICEM) was founded in 1981 in Bourges, France and since then it is a member of the International Music Council (IMC). CIME-ICEM is a non-profit international organization consisting of National Federations and Organization, Institution and Associate Members.

Today, the ICEM consists of sixteen National Federations: FARME (Argentina), FeBeME – BeFEM (Belgium), CECh (Chile), EMAC (China), LNME (Cuba), Charm of Sound (Finland), BEAN (Great Britain), HELMCA (Greece), HCMF (Hungary), AARSOM (Mexico), PSeME (Poland), Miso Music (Portugal), AMEE (Spain), AMEG (Switzerland), UAEM (Ukraine), and SEAMUS (USA); 

and thirteen International Organization Members and Associate Members: ACMA (Australia), GrupLac in Bogota (Colombia), Maison des arts sonores (France), Spectro Center in Tehran (Iran), Tempo Reale in Florence (Italy), CMMAS in Morelia (Mexico), Institute of Sonology in Hague (Netherlands), CEAMMC in Moscow (Russia), The Orquesta del Caos in Barcelona (Spain), ICST in Zurich (Switzerland), CEMI in Denton (USA); Musiques et Recherches in Ohain (Belgium) and DME in Lisbon (Portugal).

For more information, please visit:

Deadline for Submissions is May 1, 2023


The competition is divided into two main categories:

  • Section I: Prix CIME – Open to all composers regardless of age.
  • Section II: Residency Prix CIME – Open to all composers born after December 31, 1988.

Competition Guidelines

  • The competition is open to all regardless of gender, nationality, affiliation and irrespective if your country of residence is a member of ICEM
  • Applicants may submit only one composition
  • Only works written within the last 5 years will be considered
  • Anonymous submission is required
  • There is no duration limitation
  • There is no entry fee
  • Open to all forms of electroacoustic music in the following categories: 
    • Category 1: fixed audio
    • Category 2: instrument(s) and electronics (fixed and/or live)
    • Category 3: video music
    • Category 4: sound art, new interfaces, and other
  • Work in progress will not be considered.

Submission Guidelines

Submit the online application form. Click on the link below to access the online application form:

  • the submitted files must be anonymized
  • uncompressed audio files 16/24bit at 44.1/48kHz sampling rate
  • for multichannel works include a stereo or binaural version of the piece
  • for multichannel works submit the audio files in a separate folder along with spatial information on a separate document

Please provide a valid permanent link to your work using a file hosting service like Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, etc. Upload a single .zip file named with the title and the year of your composition (e.g., Submission materials must be included within a single zip, such as audio files (include a stereo reduction or binaural for multichannel works), video files, musical score of the work in .pdf, etc. Make sure the link will remain active until August 30, 2023.

Jury Members

Lelio Camilleri

Julien Guillamat

Elizabeth Hoffman

Idin Samimi Mofakham

Leah Reid

Jaime Reis

Louise Rossiter

Edward Sielicki

Nikos Stavropoulos


The competition will award the following prizes:

  • Section I
  • Prix CIME – open to all composers regardless of age

. Main prize (it could be divisible in case of ex aequo)

. Honorable Mentions

. Distinctions (one for each category)

  • Section II 
  • Residency Prix CIME – open to all composers born after December 31, 1988
  1. The Studio Residencies for category 2 include 1-2 weeks studio support, accommodation, and lodging arranged by each center independently. The number of Prix CIME residencies depends on the participating studios that will be announced in due time.
  2. The selected works from both categories will receive:
  • ICEM CD/DVD release <>
  • Distribution to the ICEM members for concert/broadcast programming 
  • Performance at the ICEM annual festival
  • Online publicity
  1. There is no monetary prize for the awarded works
  2. The Jury’s decision is final and unappealable. The jury reserves the right not to award a prize. 
  3. The finalist will also be publicly announced

Important Dates

– Open call February 2023.

– Deadline for submissions May 1, 2023.

– Final deliberations and announcement during the ICEM General Assembly in Fall 2023.


The competition is administered by the ICEM Main Board. Please direct questions about the competition or the submission process to the ICEM Secretary Panayiotis Kokoras at