Orestis Karamanlis. Upon completing a PhD in electroacoustic composition Orestis has been active in composing new music and lecturing in the academia. Currently a scholar at the University of Athens, he has produced a diverse body of sound-art and new media work which is frequently performed in concert venues and urban spaces. More information can be found at orestiskaramanlis.net.

7 Toys (2021) In this work most of the sounds originate from toys’ recordings and any treatment has been accomplished by means of a programming language named SuperCollider. I have tried to come up with a piece that would rely more on an internal pulse than on the transformation of sonic material. I somewhat got tired with the kind of pre-recorded music which is characterised by the desire to explore timbre and space above all, often at the expense of other qualities. “Toys” has been constructed by making use of rhythmic patterns. Starting from large collections of soundfiles I work within a programming language in order to describe a higher-level representation of musical structure and then become a listener to the result. In a way I am more interested in the aggregate sonic outcome than in isolated musical gestures. The full version of the piece is for 24 discrete channels.

The piece was commissioned by ZKM | Institute for Music & Acoustics and was premiered within November 2011 in Karlsruhe (Germany). It has received the “Prix du Public at 2012 Metamorphoses Acousmatic Competition” (Belgium), “First Prize at 2012 Musica Nova International Electroacoustic Music Competition” (Czech Republic) and the “Medal of the Camera dei Deputati della Repubblica Italiana at the IX International Composition Competition Città di Udine”.