Filippos Sakagian is a Greek-Armenian Composer, Visual Artist and Hermeticist based in Paris. His most recent works are characterized by his deep interest in Greek and Zoroastrian archaic Traditions and Esotericism. He is currently studying Composition with Stefano Gervasoni, New Technologies with Grégoire Lorieux, Yan Maresz, Luis Naón, Analysis with Claude Ledoux, and Orchestration with Marc-André Dalbavie at the Paris Conservatoire (CNSMDP). He is a member of ΕΣΣΗΜ/HELMCA and his music is showcased in various festivals and academies in Argentina, France, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Scotland, Spain and Sweden. He received support by the Fondation Meyer, the Legs Jabès scholarship, the Sacem, and the funds de Tarrazi.

Par l’usure. The same way a prostitute’s body is the witness of fantasies, the “sonic bodies” are also inhabited by the composer’s projections. Transformed by the force that writing exerts, these “sonic bodies”, now assembled and repeated, recreate a new network of significations, like a machine where the different components communicate with each other. The technique of “micro-montage” is at the basis of this study: it precisely served to erase the “pre-established” becoming by the play-sequence of these “sonic beings”, in order to be able to subject them to new rules. It was this dominant attitude over the material that was the starting point of the composition, but more generally, the challenge of this piece was to work on rhythmic plasticity with a very articulated writing and to create a dialectic between different sonic layers, different spaces and different temporalities.