Mariana Vieira (Portugal, 1997) is a composer based in Lisbon. She completed her degree in Music – Composition at the Lisbon College of Music, where she studied with composers Carlos Caires and Jaime Reis. She currently attends the Master’s degree in Music Teaching at the same institution. Her pieces were performed in festivals such as Young Euro Classic (Germany), Crossroads (Austria), Monaco Electroacoustique (Monaco), Aveiro_Síntese and Música Viva (Portugal). In 2017, she won the European Composer Award with the piece “Raiz”, a commission of the Portuguese Youth Orchestra (Jovem Orquestra Portuguesa), which had its premiere at the Konzerthaus in Berlin. She is the executive director of Festival DME and Lisboa Incomum.

Frame is inspired by the idea that certain sounds can acquire different meanings depending on the context in which they are situated. This piece uses sound material sources as diverse as a Monteverdi madrigal, anthropophonic field recordings, doors or synthesized sounds, which establish during the piece a relationship with the video featuring footage from a lockdown Lisbon.

Mariana Vieira_music : Daniel Rondulha_video – Frame