Krzysztof Gawlas, born in Cieszyn, Poland – composer, guitarist, sound artist. His main focus is on electronic music, application of the computer in composition and performance of music –  synthesis, transformation, as well as spatial projection of sound. His work includes electronic compositions and chamber music where electronic means are used interactively. He often cooperates with other composers either by providing an electronic dimension to their compositions or by participating in the performance of their pieces. His achievements also include multimedia projects and theatrical music. 

Ciprianus Magnus. The piece is a tribute to the work of Cyprian Bazylik, it contains a processed quotation from one of his psalms. The music of this composer may have resounded in Wawel Cathedral at the time when the Sigismund Bell was first rung. The sound material of the piece consists of processed recordings of this bell and some synthetic sounds. The pitch material is oriented on the partials of the bell. The sound was designed spatially in ambisonics system, which makes it easy to generate a version for any number and arrangement of speakers.