Francisco Colasanto is a composer born in Argentina in 1971.Studied composition at Universidad Nacional de Quilmes. Francisco finished his PhD thesis at the UNAM with Dr. Rodrigo Sigal Sefchovich as a tutor. Since 1996 is a very active composer specialized in music technology. Lives in Mexico since 2006. He was awarded with the following distinctions:  Cultural Ministry of Spain (2000), Fundación Antorchas (2003), Cultural Ministry of Spain (2006), Harvard University Studio for Electroacoustic Composition (Live Electronic Music Competition 2006), Juan Carlos Paz Prize (2004) granted by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes Argentina, Giga-Hertz award 2009 (ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany), Ibermúsicas 2013, FONCA: Fomento y coinversiones 2018. He is currently assistant director of the Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts (CMMAS) located in the City of Morelia, México and full time academic at ENES-UNAM. He composed music for several projects (dance, theatre, installations, movies, commercials). Is the author of the book: “Max/MSP: guía de programación para artistas”.

Burbujas (Bubbles) is a piece made using analog synthesizers. This piece works each device as if it were a gear that has its own rotation cycle, where each part goes out of phase. Each voice emerges from within the sound mass from timbral changes made in real time.