Francis Dhomont (1926, Paris, France) studied under Charles Koechlin and Nadia Boulanger. Later, leaving behind instrumental writing, he dedicated himself exclusively to electroacoustic composition. An ardent proponent of acousmatics, his work (since 1963) is bearing witness to his continued interest in morphological interplay and ambiguities between sound and the images it may create. He has taught at the Université de Montréal from 1980 to 1996. He is an Associate Composer of the Canadian Music Centre (CMC, 1989) and a Founding Member (1986) and Honorary Member (1989) of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC). Honorary Member of the CIME-ICEM.

The “Université de Montréal” gave him a Doctorate Honoris causa.

Prize of the SACEM (France) 2007. The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec has awarded him a prestigious carreer grant. In 1999, he was awarded five first prizes at international competitions (Brazil, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Czech Republic). Invited in 1997 by the DAAD for a residence in Berlin (Germany). Five-time winner at the Bourges Competition (France)—the Magisterium Prize in 1988 — and Prize at Ars Electronica 1992 (Linz, Austria), etc.

He now lives in France, participates in several juries and focuses on composition and theory.

Here and There (2003)

To Darren Copeland and David Eagle

The theme of Here and There is space itself. Acousmatic music relies on an “interpreter” in order to manage the spatialization, which in this case was accomplished by the pre-programming of Darren Copeland’s Audiobox to allow David Eagle to perform with the aXio software. Nevertheless this version is stereo.

It is therefore a study. But a very free study that does is not meant to demonstrate or to deny lyricism. The principle of articulation, even if it represents the focus of the piece, doesn’t have to hinder the simple pleasure of the sound immersion.

Here and There was commissioned by New Adventures in Sound Art and was made possible by the Canada  Council for the Arts. The piece was premiered by David Eagle and Darren Copeland on May 11th 2003 as part of “Open Ears Festival of Music and

Sound” in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

1rst Prize at the V International Computer Music Competition “Pierre Schaeffer” 2005, Pescara, Italy.

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