Catalina Leonor Peralta Caceres is an Associate Professor in the Music Department at the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, where she has taught composition and electroacoustic music since 1996. As a composer she specializes in electroacoustic music, which she studied at the Institut of Electroacoustic and Experimental Music of the Vienna Academy of Music (Dieter Kaufmann and Wilhelm Zobl). Composition studies with Prof. Francis Burt, andworkshops with composers like Boguslaw Schaeffer, G. Crumb, M. Kagel, Mario Lavista and Marco Stroppa, Mesias Maiguashca, among others.  Additionally she earned a Magister Artium from the University Mozarteum-Salzburg.  Her music has been performed in festivals like Kontakte VIII (Berlín), Acustica 89 (Vienna), KISS2014 (Lübeck), SBCM in Recife (Brasil), Primavera en La Habana (Cuba), Synthese 98-Bourges (Francia), Visiones Sonoras-Morelia (México), CIME-Moscú 2017. She lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia. 

Cuerdas Falsas I, movements I & III – here played by Maria Villanueva and Mathilde Chiappone on the e-guitars -, come directly from the work False Strings I, originally in 6 movements, for electric guitars and a real-time processing system – Kyma Paca(rana).  It was premiered in Bogotá in June 2015 by guitarists Mathilde Chiappone, Maria Villanueva, Ruben Mattia Santorsa, Aitor Ucar, and teacher Elena Càsoli, who directed the Guitars-ensamble, with Catalina Peralta on live electronics. The main use was the transformation and live processing, in real time, of the sounds of the e-guitar(s) already distorted to the Kyma system, as an option to perform metamorphoses, interactive modulations, with the played material. This creates various sound and temporal gestures, new interactions with the originally quadraphonic space and with the instrumental score.