Brian Riordan is a composer, performer, improviser, producer, and sound artist originally from Chicago, IL. He is currently an Andrew W. Mellon Fellow and a PhD candidate in Music Composition and Theory at University of Pittsburgh, where he teaches a class he designed called “Programming Environments in Music: An Introduction to Max/MSP”. His research interests are in temporal discontinuity, delay-based performance, real-time digital signal processing, and laptop performance aesthetics. As an avid collaborator, he has performed in numerous ensembles ranging from rock, jazz, classical, and experimental throughout North American, Europe, and Asia. His compositions have been performed by The JACK Quartet, The Callithumpian Consort, Wet Ink Ensemble, andPlay, The Meridian Arts Ensemble, Kamraton, Untwelve, The H2 Quartet, Alia Musica, Wolftrap, and his compositions have been featured at STEIM, SEAMUS, SICPP, New Music On The Point, SPLICE, and The Walden Creative Musicians Retreat. As a member of the Pittsburgh ensemble “How Things Are Made,” he produced and performed on over 70 albums for the group and has commissioned 52 compositions. 

Brooklyn based Soprano Anna Elder’s voice has been described as being, “ethereal” or “a voice that has blues, reds and purples in it” by The New York Times or “a voice that could match, pitch for pitch, the grumble of a truck’s engine or squeak
of a scooter’s horn.” —Wilmington Star News. She performs new music with her ensembles Kamrat n and wolfTrap. Most recently, Anna presented a voice and electronic set with Chicago’s Experimental Sound Studio as part of their Quarantine Concerts. She was a featured artist at The Tanglewood Music Center, where she sang Andrew Hamilton’s “Music for People Who Like Art” with The New Fromm Players for Tanglewood’s Festival of Contemporary Music. Other engagements have included performing with New Music Detroit and appearing as a guest vocalist with Quince Ensemble. She has appeared on Music on the Edge’s Beyond Microtonal Music Festival, The Pittsburgh Festival of New Music, and The Cleveland Uncommon Sound Project’s Re:Sound festival. 


Brian Riordan, composer ; Anna Elder, soprano & live processing

Brian Riordan <> ; Anna Elder <>

ca. 7 minutes duration

Did you know it’s possible to write music for soprano and live processing without angelic reverb? Succubus was written to explore underutilized real-time vocal processing techniques. This piece was commissioned for Re:Sound Festival 2020.