Biagio Cavallo (Alba, 06/08/1999) is an Italian composer, electronic musician, improviser and saxophone and clarinet player, based in Bologna, Italy. He’s co-founder of ”Collettivo della Scuola di Musica Elettronica di Bologna” and “Sdg Lab” (laboratory of improvisation and experimentation). He works on acousmatic compositions, audiovisuals and techniques of improvisation. His own music research consists of observing connections between daily reality and his perception of macro and micro structures on different levels of comprehension. 


Sound Composition: BIAGIO CAVALLO

Dance Coreography: ROBERTA RACIS

A composition realized for “Corpi Elettrici”, a special project with dance and electronic music by Gender Bender Festival and Conservatory of Music/School of Electronic Music, Bologna.

The composition starts with the observation of a daily gesture, a simple harmonic impulse deriving from a crystal wine glass. Through the re-proposal of this gesture as a kind of warning, forces that bind and break in a growing flow are gradually born, reflecting the attention paid to the multiple details of reality. The sound elements, independent of each other in that they are single perceptive details, are accumulated and reorganized in a single narrative context, the centre of which is always the impulse, which introduces, marks and interrupts the sound space. The listener is plunged into a fickle dimension in search of a perceptive and formal balance, without definitive solutions, but outlining its constituent strengths and ruptures.