Nima A Rowshan (b.1985) began studying music by playing the piano. By entering the Art university of Tehran in 2005, he studied with “Hamed Mohajer” and in the same time he started composition experimentally and through studying the great composers. Nima later attended master classes of “Alireza Mashayekhi”. He co-founded “Ensemble-M” in 2006 to perform & introduce contemporary classical music in Iran. In 2009 he decided to pursue further studies with “Michel Merlet” at the “ècole normale de musique de Paris”.He is active as a composer and his works have been performed variously in festivals and events in the US, Europe, Asia and the middle east. He is also the curator of discussion panels in “Tehran Contemporary Music Festival” and art director of “Aleph Foundation”.

Short Study for Violin and Sine-Waves. This (fixed-media) piece is composed, recorded and mixed by the artist, the part for the Violin is performed by Farmehr Beiglou, the piece is based on a score with graphical-notation.