Krzysztof Penderecki passed away on March 29, 2020.

A famous Polish composer, conductor, teacher, author of music for orchestra and choir, chamber, solo, as well as electroacoustic music passed away today in Kraków.

He was one of the most important figures of Polish music worldwide known for decades.

His role in a history of music is outstanding. His aesthetical and stylistic approach was remarkable and exceptional. We keep in mind many great and magical works of the Master.

His works Psalmus (1961), Death Brigade (1963), Ekecheíria (1972),  realised at the Experimental Studio of Polish Radio are significant part of international repertoire of electroacoustic music.

He played an essential role (together with J.Patkowski) for the foundation of Studio of Electroacoustic Music at the Academy of Krakow in 1973.


Marek Choloniewski

President of CIME/ICEM